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Interior Painting and Decorating

Wall and woodwork preparation, painting and varnishing

Wall papering

Exterior and Interior Refurbishments


We cover the Greater London area.

Organic Paints

Conventional gloss paints and emulsion paints contain solvents which can cause irritation and serious health problems.

Colour your property


From hardwoods to softwoods, professional finish , bespoke furniture, high gloss and all types of paint work

Windows & Doors

High Quality Restoration & Renovation. Period features, architraves, skirting boards and glazing

Internal & external decorating

We specialise in interior/exterior painting & decorating through to small handyman jobs. We also work with Interior designers to help add those all important finishing touches to your project. Whatever the plan, large or small and from start to finish, we are on hand to help and assist from colour combinations through to other services your project may require, to help you to create the latest look and feel for your home.

Office Refurbishments

London’s premier painting & decorating company. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service and quality results that are delivered on time. Expect a flawless finish with all our work tailored to suit individual requirements, whilst choosing the best quality paints and materials to suit your budget.

Residential refurbishment

Space. You may feel, is either there or not there. And you can do very little to improve something you do not have. With a little inspiration and ingenuity, however, you can create not only an impression of more space which is after all half the battle-but also more actual space to use and enjoy. Space problems in a living-dining area often begin with the furniture. But although a family activities within this area may be many, complex and even, sometimes, incompatible, the furniture required is basically simple, you need seating, tables, and storage. Its up to you how ‘flexible and appropriate they are, you cannot afford in a small room is anything useless.For a professional interior design, you can contact London Painters & Decorators.

Interior Refurbishments

Design & Renovations

Decent prices - High Quality

From free quotation through to the final sweep up at the end of each day, our team provide an outstanding service that you can depend on and that we are proud of.

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